Spray Equipment

Titan Spray Equipment

The Paint Shoppes offer everything from new equipment, parts and accessories to repairs.

Titan offers a complete line of dependable sprayers designed for interior and exterior projects. From the Impact 440 to the PowrTwin 8900 Plus, Titan sprayers maximize up-time allowing professionals to meet tough deadlines.

Our factory-trained technicians provide quality maintenance and repairs for Titan paint spray equipment.

  • Quick turnaround
  • Quality repairs — maintenance, emergency and warranty
  • Telephone troubleshooting support
  • On-site demonstrations, training and maintenance
  • Large, locally maintained inventories of repair parts

Graco Spray Equipment

Electric airless paint sprayer available in Stand and HIBOY models. Designed for Residential/Light Commercial use with Water or Oil-Based coatings. 100% Acrylics, Multi-Color, Stains, Varnishes and Lacquers. Ideal for handymen, general contractors and painting professionals with consistent, frequent spraying needs (up to 1,500 gallons per year). Features Pro-Duty pump with chrome piston rod and lifetime pump and cylinder; exclusive externally adjustable packings; reliable pressure control for smooth spraying.

Backed with a 2-year Advantage Protection warranty and lifetime coverage for the pump cylinder, gearbox and electric motor.