Exper Color Matching

The Paint Shoppes have the technology to match any color you bring to them.

At The Paint Shoppes close enough is not good enough!

Matching existing paint colors can be done with ease at The Paint Shoppes. You need to bring in a clean sample of the paint color you need to match and let our experts take care of the rest.

To match colors, you need to know a few facts. The color or hue of an object is actually generated by the light that is illuminating the object. Sunlight produces all of the wave lengths or color possibilities that we can see with our naked eye. Standard light bulbs do not do this well. As a result, an object viewed in natural sunlight can look very different when observed under artificial light (paint store flourescent lights, living room lamps, etc.). Parking lot lights are good examples. Have you ever noticed how your car sometimes appears a different color under harsh sodium vapor lights?

The sheen or gloss of paint also makes it very difficult to match colors. It is much easier to match flat colors than those with gloss. High gloss paints are very unforgiving. It is almost impossible to touch up a defect using the same high gloss paint just days after a new paint job!

We have the ability to match any competitors color on the market today. No color match leaves the store until the customer is 100% satisfied with the match.