Decorating 101

The design team at The Paint Shoppes are here to answer any of your question you may have about your decorating project. If you are thinking of giving your room a fresh new look, The Paint Shoppes is the ideal place to start ! You'll find impressive selections of the latest wallcoverings, window treatments and flooring. We offer In Home color and design consultations to meet your busy lifestyle. You can depend on our entire team for an unwavering commitment to offer you the best customer service. Whether you live near or far, The Paint Shoppes can give you the assistance and advice you need.

What Room Are You Redecorating?

Please select a room below.

The Bathroom

Due to the high moisture levels that are present within the bath, this space is prone to mildew and surfactant leaching. Therefore, it is recommended that you use Benjamin Moore Kitchen & Bath paint that contains mildew protection as well as stain resistance.






The Bedroom

Bedrooms are typically low traffic rooms; therefore they do not require the same level of durability for paint finishes, as do other areas of the home. Regal Select Eggshell or Regal Select Matte are appropriate paints for the bedroom.






The Dining Room

Highly used, active dining rooms require high quality paint that contains a higher sheen that can be easily cleaned.The new Aura paint by Benjamin Moore is an excellent choice for the walls and Advance Waterborne for the trim in this project.






The Kitchen

Kitchen paint requires selections that are hard working and focus on stain and grease resistance as well as washability. Benjamin Moore's Regal Select Semi Gloss or Moore's Kitchen & Bath Satin are good choice for your kitchen.






The Living Room

Eggshell paints are particularly desirable when living room spaces are used for family relaxation, as they contain low angle sheen combined with durabilty. Regal Select is a good choice due to it's good wash ability and stain resistance.






The Sunroom

Since sunrooms 'encourage' sunlight to come into the room, the use of a 100% acrylic Waterborne  paint is very desirable since they will have excellent color fade resistance. Aura is a excellent choice.